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Express Lanes

Express lanes are new lanes added to existing interstate routes. Simply, these new lanes work as toll roads in the middle of interstates. They are separate, and only these new ones are tolled. The amount you pay goes up and down in real time depending on traffic conditions. This allows the express lanes to operate without congestion and reasonably anticipate a travel speed of 45 miles per hour or higher. You only use them when you want to and don’t have to use them at all, but when you need to get somewhere on time – like to make your flight at the airport or pick up a child at day care – you can pay for the commute and expect an on-time arrival.
Here is a video with more information.

Benefits for Tampa Bay

Overall, these express lanes will help reduce traffic time and traffic congestion for everyone.  The express lanes offer an optional solution for a congestion-free trip and reliable travel times.
Lengths and Limits – click here for the full map.
• I-75: from north of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard to south of SR 674
• I-275: from south of Bearss Avenue to Gandy Blvd.
• I-4: from the downtown Tampa interchange to the Polk Parkway

Proven Success in Other Areas

Cities in Florida and across the country have opened express lanes. Miami has been operating express lanes for almost five years and customers often exceed 50 miles per hour – even during rush hour. Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are currently building express lanes in their communities. Nationally, express lanes have shown great success in areas such as Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Timeline and Schedule

More timeline information is to be determined. Please fill out the email update form to receive project notices.

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