HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT TAMPA BAY EXPRESS? Park right here for answers!

About Construction–

Q: Are Tampa Bay Express lanes new lanes or are they just taken from existing lanes?
A: The plan is for Tampa Bay Express lanes to be built next to existing non-toll lanes.

About Safety–

Q: How easy will it be to enter and exit Tampa Bay Express lanes?
A: Entrance and exit points are designed for easy use. Signs will identify entry and exit points well before you enter and exit an express lane.

Q: Will there be a speed limit on the express lanes?
A: Yes. The speed limit on Tampa Bay Express lanes will be in accordance with Florida law.

About Pricing—

Q: How much will it cost to use the Tampa Bay Express lanes?
A: The exact toll will be based on the actual travel conditions in the express toll lane at a given time.

About Occupancy–

Q: Does a vehicle need a specified number of occupants to use the express lanes?
A: No, the express lanes do not require a specified number of occupants in a vehicle.

Q: Do carpoolers in cars ride the lane free of charge?
A: Vehicles using Tampa Bay Express pay a per-car toll only. There are no per-passenger tolls on Tampa Bay Express.

About Access Points–

Q: Will access points interfere with the flow of traffic?
A: They shouldn’t. Access points will be easily identifiable well before a motorist decides whether or not to use an express lane. Under normal circumstances, there should be no bottlenecking around access points.

Q: How do I get off if the express lane is crowded?
A: Use the identified exit points along the lane.

Q: Will the Tampa Bay Express Lanes get you to the airport?
A: Yes, a connection will be provided. Click here to view the concept map showing the connection from I-275 to TIA.

About Alternative Options–

Q: Have other options to relieve traffic congestion been explored, such as mass transit?
A: Yes, other options have been explored. Express toll lanes have been selected as the simplest and most effective way to reduce traffic congestion and give motorists a new choice for a better commute.

About Access and SunPass–

Q: Is Tampa Bay Express similar to other Florida express toll roads.
A: Yes. Tampa Bay Express is identical in concept to 95 Express in Miami–Dade County. 95 Express has proven to be popular with motorists and is also credited with reducing traffic congestion and improving commute times.

Q: Do you need a SunPass to use Tampa Bay Express? Where can I get a SunPass?
A: Yes, tolls will be collected exclusively by SunPass account and transponder; there are no tollbooths or toll by plate. You may get your SunPass at https://www.sunpass.com or at retailers such as Publix Super Markets and CVS Pharmacies.

About Timing–

Q: When will we see express toll lanes on our local highways?
A: Tampa Bay Express will be constructed when funding becomes available.

Florida Department of Transportation
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